I absolutely love the end result.

i can’t believe i watched that

i thought this was going to take me on a spiritual journey and it did

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One day…

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AHAHAHAHA I totes recognize where the original is from. :p but this is fab. as usual. :p

hahaha, yeah, THAT original ;-) I finally fond a somewhat HQ version of it so I was like YAY

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Rookie Blue | Gail x  Holly: Snapshots (Part 10)
Taking selfies in the woods
(as always… click the high-res for a better looks ;-))

Rookie Blue | Gail x  Holly: Snapshots (Part 10)

Taking selfies in the woods

(as always… click the high-res for a better looks ;-))

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new Gail X Holly Snapshot coming soon!

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Anonymous inquired:

Recently I lost my job and my apartment and I'm trying to get back on my feet; so how about you choose a lady of one of your fandoms and see what she would do in my situation? (I need some fiction to live with my reality).


Sometimes doing the right thing didn’t feel so right. Especially as she was packing up the apartment she could no longer afford. Because she didn’t have a job. Because she did the right thing.

Kowtowing to a politically motivated boss wasn’t in Holly’s wheelhouse. It wasn’t something that she would ever do and her career was obliterated because of it.

Holly carried a box down from her bedroom and looked around. She wasn’t going to have anywhere to take her furniture. Holly felt an overwhelming sense of loss. She never had a family, but now she didn’t have a job, she didn’t have an apartment, and she didn’t have…she didn’t want to think about a great relationship she walked away from.

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I read so much gay fanfiction that when I go to pick up an actual book I am shocked and appalled by all of the heterosexuality

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Feline Jay : Part 2


Part 1

Gail still detests the idea of having to share Holly with the cat. The creature has grown bolder with each day—testing Gail’s patience and limits.

First, it was the yelling late at night when Gail had finally put her foot down and said he couldn’t be in their bedroom. There was no way she was getting down and dirty with Holly when a pair of cat eyes was glowing at them in the corner. And Holly could not live without doing the deed for longer than a week, certainly not after she got Gail strapping it after losing the bet. Holly likes to claim otherwise but they both knew it was the truth. At least now, Gail could sleep easy at night knowing that there was only one pussy Holly was completely crazy over. Of course, this arrangement also meant Gail regained her little spoon position as well.

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Rizzoli and Isles: Queerbaiting

Rookie Blue: Not queerbaiting

Supernatural: Queerbaiting

Rookie Blue: Not queerbaiting

Once Upon A Time: Queerbaiting

Rookie Blue: Still not queerbaiting

avid golly shipper…

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SO please stop with this whining about how Rookie Blue queer-baited you into watching the show and how they just tried to hook lesbians in with the golly story-line. Just because you wanted to watch something with girls making out every second and it doesn’t happen, doesn’t mean the show queer…



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