AU where Gail is an escort to pay for university because she’s gone against her parent’s will and studies Romance literature instead of going to the academy and they don’t support her.

One day her boss asks her if she would be willing to escort a woman (because it’s not common for the escort…

oh gosh. someone. please write this!

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When Aliyah O’Brien booked her recurring role on Rookie Blue, she was giddy with glee – and then wariness set in.

The Vancouver actress had been tapped to play forensic pathologist Holly in the fourth season of CTV’s top-rated crime procedural. Holly would be locking lips with Gail, a hardened…

reckless-deception: “

Well definitely the first. She’s said on multiple occasions that she’s had fun filming and enjoys being around the cast (they certainly seem to like being around her)

When was the date of this interview? Sure. it was posted on the 29th. Sure it says that they shot the finale of season 5 and she didn’t say goodbye… but… up until recently we didn’t even know Season 5 would be split into two…. So she might as well be in (the rest of) Season 5a and more in 5b.

Isn’t it so that shows usually don’t run longer than 5 seasons on Global? I’ve heard this before about shows and I’ve checked their history and unless it’s a reality thing or cartoon or something, they run longer than 5 seasons (some don’t even go past 1)

I’m keeping it positive and just think that she’s had fun filming and a hiatus is always hard and when cast have such fun, it’s always hard to say goodbye at the end of a season ;-)

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I found a cabin porch image. I found several images of girls sitting with shorts on and barefoot. I’ll be trying to take on it-used-to-be-fun's porch scene in chapter 18 of A Story Of Now.

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Gail and Holly
Solving Crimes and Making Out


Gail and Holly

Solving Crimes and Making Out

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A new chapter of A Story of Now has been posted:

Gail runs down the steps, nerves hitting her full throttle in the stomach as soon as she heard the doorbell sound. She doesn’t know what it is about today that has made her suddenly feel like this. She has talked to Holly plenty since that dinner. Holly has been keeping her promise and called Gail whenever she has felt the slightest inclination. And now it’s Friday and she’s here, ringing the doorbell, finally.

She trots nervously through the living room in her bare feet. Somehow, in the hours since they spoke to each other this morning, arranging to meet here at the house, Gail has become increasingly tremulous about this impending afternoon visit, but she doesn’t really know why.”

I hope you enjoyed reading the story so far.

One, this chapter pretty much rocks.

Two… that note at the bottom. YES, continue. Please continue. I would LOVE to see your take on their continuation of their relationship, their coming out, their parental units, work etc. Even if it means that chapters will be a bit slower. You can not stop.

I’ve been reading this fic and all I can think of is “oh gosh, I wonder how the rest is goin to react, oh gosh I wonder what they will eventually do for work, and OH GOSH the parental unit. My mind wants to know what comes beyond.

So many people stop once they get together (save for a few drabbles here and there), but I’d very much like for you to continue. Please. I’ll even make more art for you! ;-)

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Screencap Meme
Rule: once you’ve been tagged you can’t change your desktop, even if it’s embarrassing.
Note: yes I’m this much of a nerd that I put up something I made as a background because it fucking rocks ;-)
I was tagged by onetownthatwontletyoudown
I tag gailpeckholly, thecatsbian, weedyart and plusxonexforever

Screencap Meme

Rule: once you’ve been tagged you can’t change your desktop, even if it’s embarrassing.

I was tagged by onetownthatwontletyoudown

I tag gailpeckholly, thecatsbian, weedyart and plusxonexforever

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klier2014 inquired:

I know that Charlotte Sullivan does not social media so does anyone know if she takes fan mail by snail mail?

Hey there,

Thanks for your question.I’ve done way to much research into this because I’ve been trying to find it for a while now.

I assume she would accept snail mail. It would probably be via her agency, which, according to is

Charlotte Sullivan
Authentic Talent and Literary Management
20 Jay Street
Suite M17
Brooklyn, NY 11201

I’m not sure if this is actually correct. The photo on there is actually that of another Charlotte Sullivan, a presenter. But the address says it’s ATLM, which does list OUR Charlotte in a news bit on their website and the presenter is managed by Second Skin Agency. This means it could simply mean that they put up the an image of the wrong Charlotte.

I’ve also searched for Aliyah’s (*shrug* now I’m on a roll ;-)) I have actually tried contacting Aliyah herself, via twitter and asked, but she’s probably not seen it yet, or just overlooked it (I’ve tried several times).

I am guessing it’s this one:

Aliyah O’Brien
Premiere Talent Management
1529 West 6th Avenue
Suite 206
Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1

Or (and this is a wild guess, see below for reasoning)

Aliyah O’BrienThe Van Johnson Company
10250 Constellation BLVD
Ste. 2320
Los Angeles, California

The top one is also according to, but it is a bit more believable. Aliyah is, according to her official website, managed by Premiere Talent Management (as a representative from this management is listed as a contact next to her manager Van from The Van Johnson Company). I am guessing this is still current. Aliyah has linked (awkwardly so because it doesn’t follow through ;-) to her official website on her official tumblr, which we know is official because she’s linked it to her twitter that actually IS official (blue tick and all)). So I am more inclined to believe this one.

You can try mailing them (I’ve tried a couple weeks ago, no response yet)

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I love accurate deadpool cosplay gifs.

This is why we need a real R rated Deadpool movie.

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Anonymous inquired:

The DVD for "MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives" appears to be available on Amazon for $250 (Yikes!)

Holy crap… is that the entire series or what? But yeah, here you go klier2014

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klier2014 inquired:

does anyone know where I can get copies of MVP Secret Lives of Hockey Wives with Charlotte Sullivan?

I actually have no idea. I’ve been trying to find that as well. GOOD for screen capping and art purposes ;-)

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